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Why are vitamin supplements so important to your health?  

Did you know that every cell in your body is constantly regenerating? You are continually becoming a new you each and every day. Aging is not hazardous to your health….not taking care of yourself is. A lot of people get to their late 30’s to early 50’s and start having degenerative health problems that are associated with middle age….they think that it’s inevitable due to how many times the sun has gone around the earth since they came into being…nonsense.

How you take care of yourself today greatly effects what your body is going to be able to do tomorrow. Your body’s job is to take care of you…even if you aren’t taking care of yourself…it wants to survive. If you are eating diet high in processed foods, saturated fats, salt, and sugar and low in fresh fruits and vegetables healthy oils, proteins and grains ….eventually you are going to suffer. Example: If you have $1,000,000.00 in the bank…compared to our youthful days…under 30…you’re going to feel like you have an unending supply of money…nutrients…you don’t even have to think about it…it’s a non issue…you may even still be putting money in the bank…taking in good nutrition…but if you are using more money…nutrients…than you are putting in…there is a debit out of that account….You can go years taking vacations, remodeling your home, buying new clothes, living it up at the spa…and never even notice that your bank account is dwindling down to nothing….the thought is that you can always catch up…always get more…make up for it later….but the account keeps going down….suddenly you have more bills than you have money…lack of energy, drooping appearance, digestive problems, depression, you seem to be catching everything that’s going around…but you just keep trudging along doing the same things you’ve always done…maybe more because now that you’re so sick and tired all of the time you certainly don’t have the energy to go to the grocery store let alone bring the food home, prepare it and clean up…but you need TLC…not take out food, frozen dinners, microwavable food…but all along you are just crating a bigger and bigger debt…your body just can’t seem to keep up.

Have you noticed how common it is these days for people to get cancer? In the book, “The New Optimum Nutrition Bible” by Patrick Holford he writes that 85% of all cancers are caused by diet and environment…85%. Some people get it 2, 3 times and more.

Have you noticed how normal it is to have diabetes? They have designer finger prickers to check your blood sugar. Famous people are promoting the diabetic supplies you need…and showing you that they are still playing guitar, singing and other things with the comfort of the new stuff…making it all seem so normal…it’s not normal at all.

Most type 2 diabetes is caused by diet and lifestyle…and can be reversed and brought into balance by taking care of yourself. There’s more to it than just vitamins obviously, like diet, exercise, emotional and mental health….but nutrition is a very important “Pillar” as Don Colbert puts it in regaining and maintaining good health.

I have read time and time again that most diseases are linked to a mineral deficiency. We just aren’t getting the optimal nutrition from the foods we eat. You may be think, “Well that makes

sense if you’re eating a lot of sugar and processed foods of course you aren’t going to be getting quality nutrition…but I eat fruit every morning for breakfast and a salad with dinner…I’m in much better shape than the person you’re describing. And I’d say…yes you are…and the books would too…however…you probably still are not at your optimal best….and you’re still not getting everything that you need….we just can’t possibly eat all of the foods required to obtain the nutrition we need from them.

I’ve been regularly supplementing with high quality liquid vitamins since 2004 ….my family too. If you’ve read “My Story” this is just a quick little repeat. At 37 I was wiped out (tired) all of the time, hooked on nicotine gum…I was on it for 3 years….it’s a 6 week program….it made me very toxic. On my last attempt to give it up….I always ended up going back to it so that I could function….I’m not kidding when I say that I needed a couple of naps a day and still had a lot of trouble getting out of bed in the morning…I decided to try these super expensive supplements that kept popping up in front of my face…1 month supply was still less thean a week or 2 of nicotine gum.

I started by taking one ounce in the morning and one in the afternoon because I was so toxic…after about 3 days I started to feel my energy coming back….I had been off nicotine gum before up to 2 months without my energy coming back so it wasn’t just removing the nicotine…although….that was very necessary for my health…and I haven’t had it since…that was August of 2004.

I also had Barretts Esophagus…it’s what happens to you if you don’t take care of acid reflux…it caused an erosion on my esophagus…and that could have lead to cancer. I was told that it would never heal, I had to be extremely careful of what I ate and get these scopes done every other year. That was in 2001, in 2003 I had my first recheck and was very happy and grateful that there was no change. After losing 70 lbs through a 12-step group for eating disorders...saying the 3 prayers a day…I still say them…and some more now, taking vitamins and detoxifying my body, I had another scope done in the fall of 2005…when I came to, the doctor told me that it had healed…there was no evidence that I had ever had it…amazing….and I had been eating salsa, spaghetti sauce, coffee…big no no’s…

I also quit taking the acid reflux medication because it gave me a headache…he didn't’t see any reason for me to take it anymore…when I first found out they said that I would have to be on that medication for the rest of my life…yuck…and that probably would have been true if I hadn’t changed everything. As for my family, they’re all great, they look good, do well in work and school and overall health. My daughter was one to get everything…I think that she was sick about every other week…to the point of where it was really worry some…it was just colds, stomach aches, the flu and stuff like that…but it was constant and did not seem normal. Since that time has very rarely been sick…on the few occasions that she was…it was over very quickly.

Without your health, you have nothing.  You are so very worthy of taking care of the body that God gave you, please start today, the only regret that you’ll have is that you didn’t start sooner.

I take many supplements but the most important, I believe are a daily vitamin/mineral, probiotics, digestive enzymes and Vitamin D.

The vitamin/mineral that I'm talking about is Vibe. Please try it out for yourself and let me know what you think - and let me know if you need any help with ordering. You can get a lower price ($42.95) instead of the regular price of $51.45 by signing up at no extra charge and join my health team.


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