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Raw Food Recipe(s)  
no flour no sugar recipes
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Abstinent Coleslaw
You bring the chicken, I'll bring the coleslaw!
Awesome Rawsome Salad
This is sweet, crunchy, creamy....it's just really really good and really really easy.
Banana Ice cream
Let 3 bananas fully ripen (freckles are perfect) peel them cut into ice cube size pieces and freeze them in a freezer bag. Use about 1/4 to 1/2 cup milk. This will depend on the size of the bananas. Your making ice cream not a shake so start with a few splashes and go from there. Put everything in a blender until completely smooth. And serve immediately. This is heavenly! No sugar added just fruit and milk.
Banana nut oat bran
Simple and easy. It tastes as good as it sounds.
Bean dip/Sandwich Spread
This is delicious on the sprouted bread...Love it!!!
Blended soup (Vitamix)
This raw soup is great for transitioning from a juice fast back to solids. It's also great as a quick, "pick me up" lunch.
Lemonade without the sugar by substituting cantaloupe and Stevia
Carrots, Beets and Red All Over
This raw food dish is hearty and filling.
Cauliflower salad
This is a good take along dish for lunch or dinner, very crispy and crunchy.
Chopped Mexican Salad
This can be raw or vegetarian...either way it's healthy and delicious...another Fiesta in your mouth!
Cleansing Juice
This cleans out the pipes during a juice fast
Complete Cabbage Salad
Attention Cabbage lovers...this is an interesting concoction.
Cranberry Apple Fruit Relish
Cranberry Relish - Raw
Super healthy and just as tasty! Serve on your holiday table or anytime. This is so easy to whip up in your food processor.
Creamy Herb Miso Dressing
Creamy raw dressing
Creamy raw vegetable soup
Mix it all up in the blender/Vita Mix. This will do your body good!
Crunchy hummus salad
A lip smackingly wholesome crunch salad,to sustain you through your day.
Easy Cucumber Salad
It's true, it doesn't get any easier than this!
Easy vegan creamy tomato soup
I made this during a juice fast....it really hits the spot!
Fasting Dinner Soup
This will warm the soul and your tummy.
Gaucamole Dip/Dressing
Great with jicama and carrot sticks.
Goddess Dressing
this has a meaty taste, very different, great on a sprouted garbanzo bean salad.
Green goddess salad
This is a crunchy munchie energy lunch....and mostly raw.
Hakunna Matatta (Wheat berries and blueberries)
Remember when Simba met Timon and Pumba and ate the bugs and grubs? ...it means no worries for the rest of your days...it's our problem free philosophy...Hakunna Matatta....
Hummus Roll Ups
Want a filling, big and fun lunch? This is it...and raw too
Kale Salad with Avocado Wasabi Dressing
You can make this ahead and the dressing won't wilt the kale like it would lettuce....and it's great for detoxifying!
Kale with Raspberry Vinegrette
Kale is at the top of the charts for healthy greens. According to David Wolfe, a meal with greens, fat, citrus and a sweet fruit....although this is a low sugar sweet fruit....is balanced. This tastes so good it rarely makes it to the refrigerator, but can be made a head a day or two in advance.
Marinated cauliflower blend
Yummy and crunchy raw salad to have ready in the refrigerator. Great for a quick vegetable for home or to take along.
Marinated Fall Vegetables
This is great to make in a gallon container and just take as you need....a wonderful way to use all of the healthy fresh fall produce coming in!
Marinated Vegetables
You can make this with a variety of mixtures.
Melon Water
Refreshing drink for breakfast during the first 30 days!
Mexican Party Plate
Nutritious, delicious and very festive!
Oatmeal Cookies
Raw, vegan and sugar/flour free....they are so good! You can also bake or dehydrate these....but they are truly amazing as is.
Orange-Strawberry Cooler
Can anyone say "smoothey"
Oriental Cabbage Salad
This is a modified version of the popular Ramon noodle oriental salad....without any sugar or starch : )
Try this on raw zucchini pasta for a healthy robust meal.
Raw Asian Dressing
Oh yum, this is so good and complimentary with the Raw Asian "Stir fry".
Raw Asian Stir fry (Lo Mein)
OMG...this is so good, I could eat it every night. If you like Asian food...you will love this!
Raw Avocado Dressing
This goes with the Chopped Mexican salad and makes a great dip for vegetables!
Raw Chili
Heated over low heat to room temperature, this was simply divine.
Raw chocolate no bake cookies
Raw, vegan, abstinent....it just doesn't get any better than this!
Raw Curried Sprouted Lentil soup
Very good and very filling, you can just feel all of the good things this is doing for your body. This is best made with a Vita Mix.
Raw Goddess Garbonzo Bean Salad
This raw food dish is simple and healthy
Raw Hummus
This is good as a "sandwich" filler and a vegetable dip.
Raw Mung Bean Salad
This raw vegetable dish has some substance to it.
Raw Spaghetti Sauce
Delicious and with all its vitamins and enzymes...your body will say thank you, thank you, thank you!
Raw Veggie Salad
All raw and packed with enzymes and vitamins!
Raw Yogurt Ranch Dressing
This is raw, healthy and has pro-biotics.
Reved up nearly raw chili
This is so amazing that my husband even likes it.
Spicy Pickled Salad
Make this ahead of time for a quick and easy vegetable to take to work for lunch.
Spinach and Mushroom Salad
Healthy iron packed raw salad
Tahini Dressing
This is for the Asian Cabbage Salad, but could be used as you please.
Titillating Tossed Green Salad
Keep those raw food enzymes coming!
Zucchini Pasta
Now, that's Italian! The zucchini gives you a plate full of pasta...that's only a vegetable! This is a wonderful raw food too! Wonderful!
Zucchini Pasta and Feta Cheese
The mixture of the oily dressing, cheese and "pasta" is....Wow....Love it!
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