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All in One Vegetable Soup
Anyone I've shared this home made recipe with has loved it. I love it because it's a one pot dinner, no fuss and has everything I need for a complete dinner in it.
Amazingly good and easy Lentil Soup
This is thick, rich and oh, so satisfying!
Baked apples
apples baked in butter and cinnamon
Baked Spaghetti Sauce - Itallian Style
This layered, cheesy dinner is satisfying and filling. Make as a single serving or double or triple to feed the family.
Black bean and Quinoa Salad
This is a delicious high protein and high alkaline salad with avocado, tomato and cucumber too.
Cabbage Soup
Great for the coming winter months.
Cabbage Soup
All in one wholesome meal.
Cali Pie
The healthy version of "Shepherds Pie"
Chicken fried Rice
This is easy and healthy for the family and as an individual serving. For a vegetarian version, simply omit the chicken and add another egg or legume.
Chicken potpie stew
A yummy family dinner with little preparation...and lots of leftovers!
Chicken sausage, onions and peppers
This is a great family recipe. Easy to make and healthy too!
Cranberry Relish - Raw
Super healthy and just as tasty! Serve on your holiday table or anytime. This is so easy to whip up in your food processor.
Cream of Broccoli Soup
This is a nice big warm meal that's just soothing to the soul.
Crockpot Lemon-Garlic Chicken and Rice
a yummy family recipe that you can drop in the crockpot before work and enjoy for dinner plus leftovers!
Curried Red Lentils and Vegetables
Yummy! This is so satisfying, try it with onions and zucchini....or any other vegetable you like.
Easy Squash
Love squash but have a hard time preparing it? Click here...you're going to love how easy this is.
Eggplant and Tomato side dish
quick side dish or great lunch from leftovers my husband cant get enough
Eggs with Tomato Sauce
I like to eat it for dinner or lunch.
Fifteen Bean "Soup"
Healthy and hearty.
Garbonzo bean soup
First 30 days
Grilled Vegatables
Great filling side dish
Herbed oven fried potatoes
These are a great side dish for eggs, salad, what ever you are making for dinner....and it can be made for the entire family and you can just measure out your own serving.
Kale with Raspberry Vinegrette
Kale is at the top of the charts for healthy greens. According to David Wolfe, a meal with greens, fat, citrus and a sweet fruit....although this is a low sugar sweet fruit....is balanced. This tastes so good it rarely makes it to the refrigerator, but can be made a head a day or two in advance.
Lentils Quinoa and Spinach
Great power meal!
Marinated Fall Vegetables
This is great to make in a gallon container and just take as you need....a wonderful way to use all of the healthy fresh fall produce coming in!
Masoor Dal (red Lentil) Curry
Indian vegetarian recipe
Mixed Bean Casserole - Vegan - Family
Hearty and filling, this has become a family favorite on the Daniel fast cleanse....it has even been a recommendation to continue this one forever.
No Bake Cookies - Sugar free and Vegan
These are so good, not even teen agers can tell that they are sugar free!
No Bake Cookies....sugar free!
Who loves Sandee now!?!
Oatmeal Cookies
Raw, vegan and sugar/flour free....they are so good! You can also bake or dehydrate these....but they are truly amazing as is.
Oriental Cabbage Salad
This is a modified version of the popular Ramon noodle oriental salad....without any sugar or starch : )
Pepper Steak
Beef strips with green peppers, onions and a thick yummy sauce, delicious severed on brown rice or plain.
Pumpkin and Yellow Split Pea Soup
Sooth your soul with this delightful warm Indian spiced soup.
Pumpkin Pie Pudding
Low in calories, high in nutrition and taste.
Pumpkin Soup
I love this because I can eat the WHOLE pot and I'm doing nothing wrong!
Raw Asian Stir fry (Lo Mein)
OMG...this is so good, I could eat it every night. If you like Asian food...you will love this!
Rice Lasagna
A yummy version of lasagna without the pasta but still tastes like the real thing! A wonderful family dinner.
Roasted Eggplant "Pasta"
The consistency of this feels so rich in your mouth....but it's all vegetables! Keep it vegan or serve with Parmesan Cheese...it's all good!
Sally's Salad
A pretty salad that tastes as good as it looks!
Smothered Chicken
Marinated chicken breast smothered in mushrooms, onions and cheese....My family loves this....I do too : )
Special Spaghetti Squash
This Italian style dish could be used as a side dish or spruced up for an entire meal.
Spicy Brown Chicken
Delicious Chicken
Spicy Pickled Salad
Make this ahead of time for a quick and easy vegetable to take to work for lunch.
Spinach and Mushroom Salad
Healthy iron packed raw salad
Split Pea Soup - Vegan
Use this to make ahead for an easy meal or as a family dinner. Great for the Daniel fast.
Stuffed Peppers - Family meal
This is an easy and healthy dinner that my family loves! You can easily make an abstinent serving for yourself and make it vegetarian as well.
sweet and sour brussels sprouts
sweet and a little sour great tasting veg
Tofu Stir-Fry Vegan and Family
This is a wonderful 21 Day Cleanse meal that the whole family will love! It's easy to make as a single serving by adjusting the measurements.
Tuna Noodle Casserole for the family
This recipe is a healthier version of an old tried and true dish at my house...my family loves it.
Vegan Chili for the family
Yummmm....and perfect for the Daniel fast as well : ) This is quick and easy and great as a leftover!
Vegan Lasagna
You would never know that it's not made with lots of cheese....the consistency is really good! This is also very good the next day.
Vegan Mediteranian Chick peas and rice-family
We are doing the cleanse, Eric and Alexis both loved this...it was supposed to be two dinners, but there wasn't enough left over : )
Vegan Spinach and tofu quiche with cauliflower
This is a good breakfast or served with flax seed crackers...and amazing party dip!
Vegan Stuffed Peppers - Family
This is so satisfying and filling, you won't even miss the meat! The amount is very easy to adjust.
Vegan- Artichoke Risotto - Family
This is a great creamy and filling family dinner!
Zucchini Bread - Sugar and flour free
Eric even liked this. There is about 800 calories in the entire loaf....and it makes about 8 good size slices.
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