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michele writes,  May 25, 2010

I just ordered the book no sugar, no flour diet and I'm wondering if it is a good book to follow.  I have tried South beach diet for a long time with great success in the first stage yet I do terrible as soon as I start adding whole grains mainly in the form of wheat.  I need a specific plan. 



Michele writes,  May 25, 2010

I'm commenting myself but I had an afterthought.  There seem to be alot of foods that are sugar and flour free that are very high on the glycemic index.  Foods like corn, potatoes, watermelon, pineapple, etc.  Do you eat these foods?

Sandee writes,  May 26, 2010

Yes, I do : )  Corn, potatoes, peas, etc are concidered starches and are limited to 1/2 C or 4 oz.  Watermelon and pineapple are 1 Cup...I just had pineapple today : )  If you eat them though and notice that it gives you a bad reaction or cravings...you don't have to have them in your eating plan.  I follow the ceahow food plan...it's a 12 step group.  I think that Dr. Gott has a good plan....I have an eating disorder though which is why I am in the 12 step group. 

michele writes,  May 26, 2010

I'm waiting for Dr. Gott's book to arrive so I'm winging it!  I looked up the ceahow eating plan but can't find a plan!  Is there a link to the actual food guidelines?  Thanks for your help!

Sandee writes,  May 28, 2010

HI Michele, I'm sorry, it's not on line.  You need to be in the program and have a sponsor to give it to you.  If you stick with the recipes on this site though you'll be following it pretty well until you get your book.

Tetsubean writes,  June 02, 2010

Hi Michele, just wanted to comment. I too just started the no flour no sugar diet. I bought the book(s) last week. I did the Atkins diet for two weeks prior and lost 5 lbs. but it was just way to restrictive for me to follow. However, it did effectively purge my sugar and carbs cravings. I've been following Dr. Gott's diet for almost a week, and I have to say I'm feeling pretty good. I'm reading lots (and lots) of food labels. I plan on this being a lifestyle change as I've been a yo-yo dieter most of my life. I'm pretty excited about this change as I'm tired of feeling lousy (both mentally and physically). Tired of beating myself ... good luck and I look forward to seeing how you are doing on the plan. Be sure to drink plenty of water/liquids. I find that I crave water and am drinking more than I ever have in my life!

mi75 writes,  June 03, 2010

i have followed Dr Gott's plan on and off for the past few months. I have to admit that I felt really good when on the diet. Right now I am off (lots of stress and just "fell off") and feel yucky. I am eating what I want until Saturday and I plan to cook all day to get back on Sunday. My GI doc recommended that diet specifically to me because she has a LOT of patients with fatty liver disease (which I have) and they mostly have really good results. I also know of other people who do that plan and lost 40 lbs or more. It is what I call "stupid simple" to follow. Real foods, simple recipes, etc. good luck!

michele writes,  June 04, 2010

Thank you and good luck to you too!  I just got the book yesterday so I'm hoping to be in my skinny jeans soon!

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