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Rose writes,  May 06, 2010

I have been on the diet now for about two weeks and am seeing results.  However, puzzling me is still the sugar?   This appears to go by so many names, how do you know if it is good or bad.  Example:  Yogurt that I recently picked up has sucralose in it?  I have no idea if this is good or bad?  Is there a list somewhere to get the "fancy" terminology for all of these?  Or is it no to all except what is in fruit?  HELP!

Sandee writes,  May 06, 2010

Hi Rose,

Sucralose is Splenda...which is okay...some people do have a problem with it reacting like sugar with them though.  Most of the things that end in "ose" are things that we can't have.  Steiva, (Truvia is a brand name), are good substitutes.  I buy the plain, low fat, organic yogurt and add stevia, fruit and what ever flavor I feel like...it's awesome....and perfectly safe....I even make a sundae out of it : )

Rose writes,  May 06, 2010

Thanks so much for the feedback.  Anything else on the sugars would be helpful.  So I buy some salsa and it has 2 Sugars in it.  Is this a no?

Sandee writes,  May 09, 2010

If it's 5th or further down it's okay, closer, it's not.

Rose writes,  May 24, 2010

I struggle still with understand sugar on a label. When it does not list sugar under the ingredient,s but on the list of items it states:    Sugar  25.   So is there sugar in this or not, since it wasn't listed under ingredients?   This was a Dannon Yogurt that I was looking at.

Sandee writes,  May 25, 2010

There can be natural sugars listed from milk and fruit.  Dannon, if it is made with fruit probably has sugar in it.  My Stoneyfarm Plain has 14 listed for sugars, but that is from the milk, not sugar, starch or flour.  Some yogurts do have starch as well as sugars added too....and that's still with the plain...which is the only yogurt that I've seen that we can have.

Rose writes,  May 25, 2010
So basically if it listed on the list it is a natural sugar. If it is listed as an ingredient you should not eat it. Is this correct Sandee?
Sandee writes,  May 26, 2010

Okay, I hope this answers it : )  My Stonyfield Plain has Cultured pasteurized organic lofat milk, pectin, vitmin D3, Six live active cultures.  It says "Sugars 14" but there are no added sugars listed....so it is from the milk.  It's okay to eat this.  Does that make sense?

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