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OIL EXTRACTION PLANT for rapeseed into the stove  
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agrimach writes,  May 16

OIL EXTRACTION PLANT for rapeseed into the stove:

Will receive the raw OIL EXTRACTION PLANT rapeseed into the stove pot fried dry, fried dry standard is incense and not coke, pay attention to control the size of the stove heat, which relates to the OIL EXTRACTION PLANT ability to squeeze incense and pure oil, By a master control. Second, the OIL EXTRACTION PLANT powder. Is to fry the rapeseed into the OIL EXTRACTION PLANT grinding groove crushing.

Driven by the OIL EXTRACTION PLANT water wheel (the initial power is cattle pull, followed by the water tank drive, now developed to electric) driven, water wheel and the diameter of Nianpan generally more than 4 meters, it has three wheels, all components Are made of wood. It takes about 30 minutes to crush rapeseed by waterwheel. (Niu La about an hour, electric about 10 minutes) by a master control.

Third, OIL EXTRACTION PLANT steamed powder. Rapeseed crushed into powder after the steamer into the pot with a steamer, usually a steaming a cake, takes about 2 minutes, the steam is the standard see the steam but not cooked, controlled by a master.

Will be filled with OIL EXTRACTION PLANT steamed rice straw powder at the end of round iron hoop, made of embryo cake,

Hours. By a OIL EXTRACTION PLANT master control.

Fifth, into the OIL EXTRACTION PLANT press. The embryo cake into a whole wood chisel into the slot, the slot on the right side of the wedge can be opened with a squeeze.

Hand-pressed OIL EXTRACTION PLANT 's "host" is a crude "oil tank wood"

OIL EXTRACTION PLANT above the cut diameter cannot be less than.

OIL EXTRACTION PLANT Oil embryo cake filled in the "oil tank", the open pressing, palm

OIL EXTRACTION PLANT Hammer master, persistent hanging in the air about

OIL EXTRACTION PLANT Weight of the oil hammer, leisurely hit the tank in the "pile", so, was

Squeezed OIL EXTRACTION PLANT oil embryo cake will flow out of a Lou Lou golden oil, oil from the middle of the oil tank out of the small mouth. By a master control.

And then remove the wood piles, and finally remove the cake.

Seventh, into the OIL EXTRACTION PLANT tank. Will squeeze the vegetable oil into the vat, and sealed.

More than seven steps is a complete traditional OIL EXTRACTION PLANT process,

Sesame oil squeezed in this wooden press and sesame oil pressed mechanically

there is a big OIL EXTRACTION PLANT difference,

OIL EXTRACTION PLANT is golden and fragrant,

Low heat,

Barrel low no rapeseed sediment,

And hold time than the press.

Of the OIL EXTRACTION PLANT vegetable oil to be long.


Many people think that in the OIL EXTRACTION PLANT supermarket to buy cooking oil unhealthy, worried about genetically modified, preservatives, additives, there are businesses launched a home press. Since the "China on the tongue 2" shows the ancient oil press, the OIL EXTRACTION PLANT sells more fire, some brands even doubled sales. Can be pressed on the DIY oil also followed, it was pointed out that the oil squeezed oil press, without deacidification, degumming, deodorization and other processes, may produce aflatoxin and other carcinogens. However, some netizens countered that childhood from eating in the countryside for many years, have not seen a cancer.

In the end the press cannot use it? OIL EXTRACTION PLANT Modern Express reporter conducted an investigation.


OIL EXTRACTION PLANT Ancient law oil press broadcast, shop oil press sales doubled


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