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where is the actual plan ?  
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tra writes,  February 09, 2010

i have a huge amount to lose. is there a plan I can look at and print out ?


Barbo writes,  February 15, 2010

There are few 12-step programs that abstain from sugar and flour, such as CEAHOW and OAHOW.  There are also diet plans such as Sugar Busters that abstain from Sugar. 

I would recommend finding a local CEAHOW meeting in your area.  There are also phone meetings if you don't have a local group in your area.  Visit: http://www.ceahow.org/

12-step programs are nice because you have support,you are not alone.

Good Luck

kathy writes,  July 18, 2010

I don't know where you live but , If your in Ca, the best meeting I ever attended was at central office Thursday night for the 100 pounders meeting, very inspirational.Its in Santa Fe,can get the hot line number or info on the net also.CEAHOW .Org People sharing how they once were over 100 pounds over weight,( to see it is to believe it!)And I've seen It and experienced it.

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