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Problems and Solutions of Rice Milling machine  
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henanliangyuan writes,  April 21

With the rapid development of RICE MILLING MACHINE in our country, it has become the main development direction of rice industry. But there are still some problems in rice milling machine, processing varieties less, unreasonable structure; small scale enterprises, poor comprehensive utilization of resources; less scientific and technological development investment, backward processing technology; comprehensive processing ability is weak, low added value of rice. Therefore, scientific and rational grasp of the development scale, regional layout and product development direction of rice milling machine, which is not only the need of implementing China's food security strategy, but also the inevitable requirement to promote the healthy and orderly development of rice milling machine.


First, increase investment in science and technology. In the science and technology policy appropriate to the rice milling machine industry tilt, promote new breakthroughs in key scientific research projects, key technical areas. The establishment of market-oriented, rice milling machine enterprises as the main body, and continuously improve the level of rice milling machine research and development.


Second, actively upgrade. The government should use high-tech projects to guide the transformation and upgrading of rice milling machine enterprises, expand the scale, adjust the product structure. Increase the rice milling machine industry financial support, with scientific and technological innovation products for rice milling machine to create value, the development of circular economy, improve efficiency, reduce the cost of rice milling machine enterprises.


Finally, achieve product transformation. Speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into the realistic productivity, provide strong support for the innovation of rice milling machine. Strengthen the brand building, and constantly expand the brand influence of rice milling machine enterprises.


In addition, the state should adopt a positive policy to support and encourage rice milling machine enterprises to strengthen strategic and technical cooperation with well-known enterprises at home and abroad, the introduction of digestion and absorption of key technologies, the formation of independent intellectual property rights. At the same time, rice milling machine enterprises should actively adopt domestic and foreign advanced standards, and continuously improve the management level and production technology of rice milling machine enterprises.





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