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Half Dry Corn Grinding Machine  
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Sophiazhaio  writes,  April 10

Here are Introduction of half dry CORN GRINDING MACHINE   http://www.corn -grinding-machine.com of our company

Raw grains are soaked for 1-4 hours till it contains 3-4% moisture. Then, and half dry corn grinding machines, horizontal wheat scourer with the mace is used to strike and push them. The corn grinding machine with power over 45kw, is over pressured, resulting in a worn-out of sieve plate. Thus this corn grinding machine will affect quality of the grits and flour as the largely crushed germs are mixed with endosperms, making it difficult to separate.

Another half dry corn grinding machine is changed from wheat huller with washboard inside to striking board inside and renamed as hulling and determination machine to decrease manufacturing costs. Operation principles and products are similar to horizontal wheat scourer.

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