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Corn Grinding Machin Order from Mozambique 20T/Day  
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Sophiazhao writes,  April 05

We received the 20T/Day corn grinding machine order from Mozambique. 20T/Day corn grinding machine is very popular among many farmers and small and medium maize processing factories for its small floor space, high yield, low energy consumption and investment.


20T/Day corn grinding machine mainly contains the following machines:
1. Cleaning unit: this machine can clean sand,stone,and other impurities.
2. Maize peeling machine: this machine is designed for maize hulling,the emery rollers can remove bran without adding water to maize.
3. Maize degerming machine: this machine is a special equipment which is mainly applied for corn hulling, de-germinating and polishing
4. Maize milling machine:  Lower energy consumption and high efficiency low cost. Designed to provide top safety and sanitation. Flexible adjustment, easy installment and operation. High degree of automation.
5. Bucket elevator: used for materal transporting. low noise, high efficiency, and convenient operation and maintenance.
6. Magnetic separator: remove metal impurities.
7. Packing.


20T/Day corn grinding machine design includes screening, stone removing, peeling, polishing, milling, brushing, pneumatic transportation, electric control and products packing. This is a small scale of corn grinding machine and can ensure maize flour yield and quality with low energy consumption and investment.

The picture of the whole 20T/Day corn grinding machine:
20T/Day maize milling line




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