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Why does corn flour machine guarantee our health?  
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Sophiazhao writes,  March 30

Do you know why corn flour machine guarantee our health?

Corn flour contains rich protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other minerals, having the  effection of people's health.

The current advanced corn flour grinding technology can ensure high quality and fineness of the corn flour. Quality goods yield rate reaches or surpasses national standard and increases market competitiveness.


The corn flour machine has the features of advanced technology, superior equipment, strong specificity, reasonable arrangement, low energy consumption, high flour yield and so on. Corn flour machine is widely used in the following enterprises: food, sugar, beer and so in. And the core equipments have gained national patent.

From the point of health, corn contains lots of ingredients that are beneficial to human health, especially the fine corn flour which needs to be ground effectively by the professional corn flour machine, as the fine corn powder contains lots of leucine and glutinal, which not only can prohibit the side effect from the anti-cancer drug, but also can restrain tumour growth.

Corn Grinding Machine provides constant help for corn flour milling processing.

If you think the corn milling machine production capacity is also as ordinary as its out looking, you are so wrong. Wintone's corn grinding machine can also make bulk production which can feed ten to twenty person lives per day. How wonderful it is ! While good running is decided by not only classical designing, but also daily well operating and maintaining.




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