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How to Deal with Corn Flour Grinding Dismantling?  
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Sophiazhao writes,  March 30

This is an interesting topic of corn processing equipment.

When the corn flour grinder breaks down, the technician needs to dismantle corn flour mill and then can find out the corn flour mill malfunction causes and solve the problems. Then how much do you know about CORN FLOUR GRINDING DISMANTLING?

Before introducing corn mill grinder dismantling, we can learn about corn flour grinder tructure and working features. With breaking, cutting, hulling, rubbing of the material, the effect of grinding is achieved. Corn milling grinder depends on one pair of opposite differential rotation to peel materials, extracting the endosperm and milling it into flour. Corn mill grinder has electrostatic spraying surface, bright color, elegant design, and luxurious appearance; Automatic pressure control can be controlled individually or remotely by computer, high degree of automation; In addition to pneumatic clutch, electromagnetic clutch can also be applied. Small size, low cost, easy to install, reliable performance; The eccentric structured grinding roller is an independent self sustaining system and well shock absorbed.


First, we need professional tool for corn flour mill dismantling. Don’t hit or knock the machine violently. Besides, we can remove the surface soil or greasy dirt of the grain processing equipment first and keep the environment clean.

Second, after corn flour mill dismantling, we should store the parts according to different sort, such as material nature, parts precision measure and so on. Besides, the dismantling can be avoided if it is not necessary. During corn flour mill dismantling, we can check and mark different parts.

Finally, we can dismantle according to the reasonable order: from the accessories to the master device, from outer to inner, from the whole machine to the assembly, from the assembly to parts.

After the three steps, you can easily finish corn flour grinding dismantling work to check the machine.



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