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agrimachinery writes,  March 13

OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE Copyright belongs to whom:

the " Oil extraction machine unique value" of olive oil, if present, is mainly derived from the polyphenolic compounds therein. (High oleic value is not unique, high-oleic rapeseed oil or soybean oil contains more oleic acid than olive oil). These polyphenolic compounds "health function" from the antioxidant, and anti-oxidation mechanism is encountered oxidation test, the expense of their own in order to preserve the target. Heating is a severe oxidation test, so these polyphenolic compounds have died a heroic death. After the high temperature of Oil extraction machine olive oil, with other "ordinary" compared to vegetable oil, that is, each other.


Oil extraction machine Refined "low-grade olive oil" with almost other refined vegetable oil, smoke high, those anti-oxidants and flavor components have been removed most of the. Without the "high-grade olive oil" those advantages, it does not matter the loss, also used to cooking with other vegetable oil is no different.


Oil extraction machine With the "high olive oil" cooking, Jiugen Maotai cooking wine, with the best Longjing boil tea eggs, packaged with LV Chinese cabbage, or open to take delivery of Ferrari, does not harm the community, does not affect health. As long as they like, of course, there is no problem. Although it is spent at high prices without access to "substantial benefits", but the psychological satisfaction is, after all, a blameless happiness.


Oil extraction machine in conclusion:


Oil extraction machine Olive oil is only a good cooking oil, but no other than vegetable oil was significantly higher nutritional value. It contains more oleic acid, as other vegetable oils do not contain cholesterol. Use it instead of animal oil in the diet, is conducive to cardiovascular health. Cold pressed Unrefined olive oil contains more polyphenols and other antioxidants, is considered to have a certain health value. But the composition of olive oil does not meet the nutritional needs of infants and young children, and breast milk composition is far from the fat. It is not only not suitable for infants and young children, but can be called infants and young children's "poor food." Olive oil cooking will not produce significant harmful ingredients, but one of the antioxidant ingredients will be destroyed, thus losing the cold pressed olive oil "may exist" that "nutritional advantage."


Oil extraction machine Source: know almost

Oil extraction machine Copyright belongs to the author, reprint please contact the author for authorization.



I now understand that most of the Oil extraction machine domestic market of rapeseed oil, is already used in the low-low seed, but now the domestic often cannot do without erucic acid, while the Canadian imports of rapeseed oil / canola oil has been Can be done without erucic acid, and eliminates the risk of heart problems caused by erucic acid, it can give priority to recommend Oil extraction machine. Of course, this non-erucic rapeseed oil may be produced by the transgenic rapeseed, for transgenic products, how to choose Oil extraction machine, to see their own attitude.


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