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How Do Rice Milling Machine Avoid Over Grinding?  
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henanliangyuan writes,  March 06

RICE MILLING MACHINE to establish a perfect quality management system and effective supervision mechanism, attention to product quality, strict implementation of standards, effectively control the production and the overall quality level of the product.

Grinding white uniformity is good, pay attention to avoid the production of grinding white roller to overcome the gravity of grain from the bottom to top. Under the influence of gravity, the rice runs slowly from bottom to top, compared to the horizontal rice milling machine and the upper feed and bottom discharge of the vertical rice milling machine. Rice grain in the machine from a long time point of view, the number of rice grain in the process of grinding white turn also increased accordingly, rice grinding white has good consistency. If the operation is not appropriate, it is also likely to cause rice grain over grinding and broken rice increased. The design of a reasonable roller structure, select the appropriate roller movement parameters, adjust the flow, can achieve better whitening uniformity at the same time to avoid rice grain over grinding and crushing.

During the process of rice milling, rice grain need to overcome their own gravity to run from bottom to top. The movement of the rice grain is obtained from the roller, and the power consumed by the rice milling machine on the roller is not only used for rice milling, but also overcom the gravity of the rice stream to transport the rice grain from the lower end of the whitening room to the high end. Compared with the upper feed and bottom discharge of vertical rice milling machine and horizontal rice milling machine, this kind of rice milling machine power consumption is higher. Therefore, the use of rice miling mchine more attention to the details of a lot, such as the size of rice grain, degree of grinding, whitening degree, the number of bran in the processrequires better technology to control.



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