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Five Problems of Maize Flour Milling Machine  
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henanliangyuan writes,  February 11

China is a major gain country, grain processing equipment has always been more popular equipment, MAIZE FLOUR MILLING MACHINE is one of the main force. When in use, we must understand some faults of maize flour milling machine will appear and the corresponding reasons and solutions in advance, so that our maize flour milling machine can keep running time and bring the greatest economic benefits for us! So what are the problems in the production of maize flour milling machine? How should we solve it? Here is the five problems of maize flour milling machine and the corresponding solutions!


1, the temperature is high. Should be adjusted loose grinding roller, if the grinding roller wear serious should be repaired or replaced;when the summer temperature is high, the machine should be shut down.


2, no powder or powder less. .The common reason is the screen is blocked.


3, no bran. The common reasons is that the maize flour milling machine spindle does not turn right, the screen frame seal is not tight or the screen is damaged.


4, body shaking, should be tightened grinding head and rack bolts.


5, production decline. Should be tightened maize flour milling machine spring to ensure that both ends of the roller gap is consistent, and repair the worn teeth.


These are five common problems encountered in the production of maize flour milling machine, i hope we can seriously understand and learn. Hope that through the above understanding of the content, we can have a deeper understanding of maize flour milling machine and can be able to apply these knowledge to practice, improve the use efficiency of maize flour milling machine!





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