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Rice Processing Machine Maintenance Methods  
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henanliangyuan writes,  February 10

With the development of economy, people are gradually developing in the direction of mechanization, so RICE PROCESSING MACHINE is gradually emerging in people's lives. Faced with this situation, we need to carry out maintenance measures,now rice processing equipment manufacturers introduce rice processing equipment maintenance methods to us.


1,In the rice processing machine downtime, we should always add some oil to the bearing shell, making it faster when in operation;


2,Regularly to the body to do a detailed examination to prevent failure at work;


3, Rice processing machine at work do not let some children playing nearby,so as not to cause harm;


4, Before using the rice processing machine must ensure that the internal cleaning, which can not have metal and other debris, so as not to damage the machine in use;


5, In order to ensure the accuracy of the pattern, after grinding white need to take out the front rotating block and the residue to clean up;


6, The number of brown rice and white grinding time is determined by the degree of whitening of brown rice, low grinding white precision than the number of high-precision samples is less, shorter time;


7,When the rice processing machine use time is too long, rice bran stick to the grinding wheel will affect the whiteness of rice grinding, grinding wheel at this time need to be removed, bran powder cleared away, and then back to continue to use.



There is a brief introduction of rice processing machine maintenance methods,from the above introduction,I believe we will have a more in-depth understanding of rice processing machine maintenance methods . In the future use of the process we need to properly maintain it, so as to improve the efficiency of rice processing machine.




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