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Agri Mach writes,  February 10

OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE role editing and energy providing:

Oil extraction machine Fat chemical changes in the human body is mainly catalyzed by lipase, the hydrolysis, the formation of glycerol (glycerol) and higher fatty acids, and then separately oxidative decomposition, the release of energy. Grease, while maintaining body temperature and protect the role of internal organs.

Oil extraction machine Role Editing

Oil extraction machine provide energy

The Oil extraction machine energy density of the fat is 37,000 Joules per gram, which is 9 kcal. Fat is the highest density of food nutrients, compared with 17,000 Joules per gram of carbohydrate and 29,000 Joules per gram of ethanol.

Oil extraction machine fatty acid

Some fatty acids are necessary for human health. For example, omega-3 fatty acids (the first double bond on the hydrocarbon group is located at the third carbon atom from the terminal) serve to maintain immunity and cardiovascular function.

Oil extraction machine Improve taste

Contributing to delicate, lubricious taste. Lack of fat dishes are often described as "broth of water." Another fat also contributed to a sense of fullness after eating. But too much food will increase the cancer prevalence.

Heat transfer medium

Used to directly fry food (mainly salad oil), can reach the surface temperature (> 100 degrees Celsius). Cooking used in uniform heat transfer and to prevent stick pot.

Oil extraction machine Fat soluble ingredients

Food raw materials in some of the odor molecules and nutrients are not soluble in water and soluble in oil, so a certain amount of fat helps the food flavor and nutrition. For example, to make full use of carotene in carrots, it is best to be with a certain fat or fat-containing ingredients cooking.

Oil extraction machine seasoning

Some fats, such as chili oil, sesame oil is used to make seasonings.

Oil extraction machine Category Editing

Liquid oils can be classified as dry, semi-dry and non-drying depending on whether they are dry in the air. In addition to triglycerides, and contains a small amount of free fatty acids, phospholipids, sterols, pigments and vitamins.


Oil extraction machine Synthetic or free fatty acids, saturated with lauric acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid and the like.


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