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How To Operate Rice Milling Machine?  
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henanliangyuan writes,  January 13

RICE MILLING MACHINE has been developed and are available in the market ,but it still has some problems.For instance,how to operate rice milling machine easily?

Rice milling machine is mainly use mechanical equipment to produce the mechanical force on the brown rice peeled white, when the brown rice from the hopper into the grind white room, because of the pressure of thallium internal pressure and mechanical force,make the brown rice extrusion in the grind white room, after self friction, and between the brown rice and the grinding wheel from each other after wiping away, that can quickly remove the brown rice cortex, the measured level reached the rice whiteness degree in the regulation of a certain period of time.

Firstly, rice milling machine needs to be connected to the power source, determine the grinding white time, and adjust the time knob. And remove the pressure in the hopper thallium, put the rice into the feed hopper, plumb down again. When reaches to the set time, rice milling machine automatically stops work. This time, we will first take out the hopper, remove husks, reconnect the hopper, and remove the pressure of thallium. Then we turn the handle to the right, set the timer to zero position, press the power button to make grinding wheel idling several seconds, make run white interior grain harmlessly, and then pull out rice bucket. Through a rice sieve we can get white rice.

Rice milling machine is mainly composed of fixed wrench to tighten nut wrench, brush, hopper, grinding wheel, wire brush, etc. In fact, the rice milling machine is not difficult to operate.so we need to remember above these,and then we could operate rice milling machine easily.



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