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Agri Mach writes,  December 22, 2016

RICE MILLING MACHINE Manufacture Supply Competitive Price Rice Milling Machines

In more than two decades of operations we have learnt to set a precedent in the global supply of RICE MILLING MACHINES through our exceptional products backed by continuous R&D, innovation, focused services and enhanced customer satisfaction about our rice milling machines.
We are committed:
1 To keep a sharp eye on product quality.

2. To implementation of new technology in the field of rice and grain processing

3. To put in all efforts to raise the responsibility for end to end solutions including turnkey projects in rice and grain processing machinery

We continue to enhance productivity standards at the lowest operating cost thus offering our customers rice milling machines of high profitability, quality at the most competitive price.

Rice milling machine is one of the most important machines for agriculture for the world. If you are interested in rice milling machines investment, please contact us without hesitation.

Rice milling machine is a kind of machine peeling brown rice. With the development of economy, more and more rice milling machines instead of Manual milling. Next we introduce you some knowledge about RICE MILLING MACHINE and some matters we need pay attention to.
Rice milling machine is a kind of machine made of a fixed wrench, tighten nut wrench, brush, hopper, grinding wheel, wire brush, etc. Rice milling machine work principle is easily understood.
Place the brown rice white interior into the whitening chamber, the pressure in the pressure of thallium and mechanical force makes the brown rice extrusion grinding in white interior and after the friction, and brown rice between grinding wheel and wipe separates each other, which can quickly remove husk of brown rice. In regulating certain time reaches measured the level of the white degree.

Although rice milling machine operation is easy and convenient, but we should pay attention to the following during rice processing:
1. Before putting brown rice into the hopper, we should check the hopper whether contains metals and stones in it, so as not to damage the grinding wheel.
2. Finished rice milling process, we should pull out the turning block in front of the rice milling machine, cleaning the rice processing room clearly, in case of influencing the sample rice veracity.
3. The rice milling machine is used for long time and with of brown rice of high water content, rice bran bond wheel affects a white degree. Board hand to remove the grinding wheel are available, and use wire brush to brush the chaff powder, then install all the parts together then the rice milling machine can continue to use as before.

Above is some introduction about RICE MILLING MACHINE, if you have some problems about it, please contact us without hesitation.

We saw the golden rice, eat white rice every day. How does paddy change to rice? This will depend on our RICE MILLING MACHINE.
Rice milling machine is mainly composed of fixed wrench to tighten nut wrench, brush, hopper, grinding wheel, wire brush, etc. In fact, the rice mill is not difficult to operate.


Firstly, rice milling machine needs to be connected to the power source, determine the grinding white time, and adjusted the time knob. And remove the pressure in the hopper thallium, put the rice into the feed hopper, plumb down again. When reaches to the set time, rice milling machine automatically stops work. This time, we will first take out the hopper, remove husks, reconnect the hopper, and remove the pressure of thallium. Then we turn the handle to the right, set the timer to zero position, press the power button to make grinding wheel idling several seconds, make run white interior grain harmlessly, and then pull out rice bucket. Through a rice sieve we can get white rice.


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