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How do I stop losing weight and just maintain?  
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gertsgal writes,  January 11, 2010

I love eating like this and fell like I can do this forever. I am nearing my goal and don't know how to stop losing(I do not want to add sugar or flour back into my food). Comments appreciated!

Sandee writes,  January 11, 2010

Slowly add in more of the healthy foods...a fruit for lunch or dinner, an extra fat for lunch or dinner, etc....when you get to your goal weight....if you gain any....subtract....your body is constanyly fluctuating with weather changes, energy out put, etc....so the amount of fuel it needs veryies too.  I look at my weight weekly with my sponsor....if I'm 3 lbs over my goal, she subtracts a food, if I'm 3 lbs under, she adds....otherwise it stays the same.

Lynzie writes,  July 15, 2010

Thats good to know because I got too thin and people out of program were makeing fun of me..I now I feel better..

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