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Afghanistan OIL REFINING MACHINE air draft topic  
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Agri Mach writes,  December 12, 2016

Afghanistan OIL REFINING MACHINE air draft topic:


Afghanistan OIL REFINING MACHINE air draft topic: Incomplete cleaning both can affect the equipment. Today, let’s analyze air draft and cleaning of Oil Refining Machine grinding roll. Afghanistan OIL REFINING MACHINE air draft topic


When the corn is ground into flour, part of mechanical energy is converted into thermal energy, which makes the grinding roll and material emit heat. And sometimes, the grinding roll surface temperature can reach 60-70℃. Then it may cause moisture condensation and form powder block at the surface of the Oil Refining Machine housing and automatic flowing pipe and the conveying equipment.

Besides, it may also cause low screening efficiency. If the grinding roll temperature is too high, it may cause protein denaturation. Corn bran will lose moisture after being heated and then becomes crispy and fragile. 


Oil Refining Machine may cause lots of dust in production. When the dust accumulates to certain concentration, it may cause fire hazard. If the rotating grinding roll is mixed into metal impurities, or the grinding roll clearance is too short, then the two rolling techs may cause fire hazard due to crashing.


To inhale the moisture and dust, we should begin with air draft and dedusting. Usually each pair of grinding rollers have the following inhale volume: 5-6 cubic meters per minute. It adopts pneumatic transmission method in flour milling warehouse. At the same time with inhaling material, it can effectively inhale, cool and remove dust for the Oil Refining Machine. The grinding roller adopts water cooling device and can make the fast roller surface temperature lower to 37-45℃. And the bearing temperature is also reduced. Meanwhile, it can make the ground material temperature reduce 5℃ so as to improve Oil Refining Machine technological efficiency.



If the grinding roller surface has not enough cleaning, especially the grinding material has too high moisture content, and the grinding rollers have too large pressure, then it will makes the material 

Oil Refining Machine wheel gear may have different degrees of abrasion.  Abrasion can be divided into mild abrasion, medium degree abrasion, serious abrasion, abrasive particle abrasion and corrosion wear. 

The features of mild abrasion: it is very slow and even. After abrasion, the tooth surface is flat and bright. Contact tooth surface coarseness, the lubrication oil viscosity, tooth surface working speed, mismatching between working load can cause mild abrasion. All of the reasons make the tooth surface have no enough lubrication oil film thickness, which causes the tooth surface micro-bulge peak to be ground or pressed. After wheel gear polishing, we can adopt high-viscosity lubrication oil to form proper lubrication oil film thickness and this cannot affect the wheel gear service life and performance.   

Medium grade of abrasion can be prevented by improving lubrication conditions and increasing oil film thickness. 


Serious abrasion makes the wheel gear surface ground and the tooth shape damaged and the wheel gear service life reduced. Serious abrasion is caused by the bad lubrication system and sealing device. We can adopt proper sealing form and lubrication device, improve the working speed, reduce vibration load and change the wheel gear geometrical parameter, material, precision and tooth surface coarseness. 

We can reduce the abrasive particle abrasion by improving the tooth surface hardness and finish degree, reducing the tooth surface sliding rate, choosing suitable lubrication method and keeping lubrication oil clean.



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