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Kuwait OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE models and structure  
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Agri Mach writes,  December 12, 2016

Kuwait OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE models and composition discussion:


Kuwait OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE models and composition discussion: Each oil extraction machine has its own model, processing capacity and yields rate. To improve its yield rate, we need to get familiar with the machine first. Then we need to make efforts in oil extraction machine design, operation and maintenance.


Oil extraction machine has the primary processing of physical methods of processing corn kernels , such as by squeezing rubbing , impact, milling and processing of corn and other methods. The chemical composition of the corn will not cause changes in the molecular structure. Processed according to the types of products can be divided into yields , production and cogeneration three kinds of dual processing technology, cogeneration technology is recognized as the primary processing of the most reasonable and most cost-effective processing methods.


Oil extraction machine is an important part of grain and oil industry. Generally speaking, grain and oil machinery industry include rice, flour, oil, feed processing equipment manufacturing; grain and oil storage and transportation equipment manufacturing; grain and oil testing laboratory instruments and equipment.


After years’ development of OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE industry, fundamental changes have taken place in the concept of complete sets of equipment. Because the oil extraction machinery of the state-owned enterprise’ technical is too single, it’s very hard to manufacture multiple products, and few of them can undertake complete sets of equipment production. Instead, the original small-scale equipment enterprises have become better due to its supporting ability, comprehensive technical personnel. on the basis of research and development of wheat flour, we lead the way in corn deep processing develop, and become the earliest manufacturing base of grains processing machinery.



There are too many methods to improve the yield rate. In usage of oil extraction machine, we should abide by the operation manual and have correct operation. Then we should keep regular maintenance of the machine and make the maintenance cost as low as possible.


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