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Pakistan OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE Meets New Chances  
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Agri Mach writes,  December 09, 2016

Pakistan OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE Meets New Chances:

Pakistan OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE Meets New Chances:Some people say oil extraction machine has too fierce competition. But some people think it also meets new chances. More competitions will promote the company try to improve itself, especially the oil extraction machine. The key point is that we shouldn’t look at the serious station as the disadvantage, but the chance to change and grow. 


There are two worldwide famous golden corn belt , located in the United States and China . Corn production in the U.S. accounted for 40 % of the world 's total output. Throughout the decades of U.S. corn market consumption trends visible , once confined to food and feed as the main consumer of corn now has tremendous changes , in addition to the steady growth of feed consumption, the rapid development of OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE industry .


China is the world's second largest producer of maize, but also the world's second largest maize food consumer. Since the reform and opening up, with the great development of animal husbandry, improving the people 's living standards, the development of the corn industry, corn has become a multipurpose crop for food, feed , industrial raw materials and export of goods. China 's corn consumption is proportional rations 1980s accounted for 38 % of consumption 25.88 million tons of corn , feed corn accounted for 48% ( industrial feed and traditional feed ) , corn consumed 32.69 million tons , accounting for 11% of exports , exports 7.49 million tons of corn , industrial raw materials and food processing accounted for 3% of the corn consumed about 2.05 million tons .


China's existing six maize growing areas are: spring corn in Northeast District , the North China Plain of summer corn , Northwest irrigated corn area , Southwest Mountain maize area , the South Downs and the Tibetan Plateau corn maize area district. Different areas produce different species of corn, which requires different technological process of oil extraction machine. This is also a good chance for oil extraction machine development.


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