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Agri Mach writes,  November 29, 2016

Singapore Cottonseed OIL EXTRACTION PLANT capacity and oil seeds materials:


Singapore Cottonseed OIL EXTRACTION PLANT refers to extract oils from the oil material cakes by organic solvent, usually use hexane. The Cottonseed Oil Extraction Plant according to different solubility of the different materials, separate oils from the cakes. When the Cottonseed Oil Extraction Plant is working, soaking the oil seed cakes by the solvent, the cottonseed oil will dissolved in solvent.

Zhengzhou Dayang designed three kinds of the vegetable Oil Extraction Plant

Towline extractor, rotocel extractor, loop type extractor. Oil Extraction Plant Clients can choose any kind according to the capacity and oil seed materials.


Cottonseed Oil Extraction Plant features

1,create a good Oil Extraction Plant production environment;

2,Minimize the total Oil Extraction Plant oil loss,increase oil yield and output,also improve the quality of oil and cake meal;

3, Oil Extraction Plant Comprehensively utilize impurities and offal;

4,Perfectly , Oil Extraction Plant match extraction production line,designing different production processes according to different oilseed.


Oil Extraction Plant Technical Parameters:

Solvent consumption in the Cottonseed Oil Extraction Plant 

The Oil Extraction Plant solvent consumption is an important indicator of production technology level of the Cottonseed Oil Extraction Plant. Oil Extraction Plant High consumption not only damage the company's benefit, increase the processing cost of the enterprise, at the same time against the national advocate energy-saving emission reduction policies, The most important is threat to people's lives and the safety of property and enterprises, So, more attention should be paid to the oil extraction equipment.

The Oil Extraction Plant solvent consumption in the Cottonseed Oil Extraction Plant has two parts: inevitable and can be avoided. The inevitable includes solvent take away by the crude oil, the meal, the waste water and the tail gas. The Oil Extraction Plant consumption can be avoided caused by the run, drip and leakage when extracting. Due to the different Oil Extraction Plant processing technology and raw materials, the general solution inevitable consumption is 0.3 - 1.5 kg/t material in the Cottonseed Oil Extraction Plant.


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