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OIL REFINING MACHINE in Uganda market trend  
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Agri Mach writes,  November 23, 2016

OIL REFINING MACHINE in Uganda market trend:


There are several methods of Palm Oil Refining Machine, here we introduce you our advanced Oil Refining Machine technology palm Oil Refining Machine for big capacity: physical Oil Refining Machine together with chemical refining, suitable for soybean oil refining, rapeseed oil refining, mustard oil refining etc.


Palm Oil Refining Machine methods including chemical Oil Refining Machine and physical Oil Refining Machine: 1 Chemical refining Advantage: easy operate, stable quality of oil Disadvantage: lower oil yield, higher oil loss during refining 2 Physical refining: Advantage: Higher oil yield, easy process and less investment Disadvantage: physical refining requires higher quality of crude oil ( phosphorus contain no more than 10ppm), which makes degumming more difficult , more clay consumption, easier making the final oil color return.. 3. Ours process : physical combined with chemical refining After many years experience, we developed one automatic refining process ,which use physical refining combined with chemical refining, suitable for soybean oil ,rapeseed oil and palm oil refining.


Palm Oil Refining losses(per ton of crude palm oil): Degumming: quantity of phosphatide *1.4% +impurity% Decoloring: 0.5% Deacidifying and Deodorizing loss: AV×0.7%+0.3%


Main process of the Palm Oil Refining Machine:
1. Acid recation 2. Neutralization 3. Washing 4. Vacuum drying 5. Bleaching 6. Filteration 7. Deodorization 8. Dewaxing


Brief introduction of the palm Oil Refining Machine process 1. Acid reaction The palm Oil temperature can be adjusted by screw plate heat exchanger. When the Oil Refining Machine temperature is heated to about 80, mixing about 85% food grade phosphoric acid into acid reaction tank for reacting.


2. Oil Refining Machine Neutralization In neutralization section, adding alkali liquor with appropriate concentration into the degummed oil which have proper temperature, then degummed oil enters into the centrifugal mixer for mixing.


3. Oil Refining Machine Washing Neutralized oil come from neutralization separator, still contains about 500 ppm soap. During the washing, hot water will absorb the soap and other impurities in oil, then soap and impurities are separated in washing separator.



4. Oil Refining Machine Vacuum drying section The neutralization and washing oil come from the washing separator still contains some water which is adverse to the oil stability.


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