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Oil Extraction Machine Lubrication Importance  
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Agri Mach writes,  November 09, 2016

OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE Lubrication Importance:


Edible Oil Extraction Machine features 1. Create a good production environment; 2. Minimize the total oil loss, increase oil yield and output, also improve the quality of oil and cake meal; 3. Comprehensively utilize impurities and offal; 4. Perfectly match extraction production line, designing different production processes according to different oilseed. - See more at: http://www.oil-extraction-machine.org/products/Oil-Extraction-Machine/2016-09-02/Edible-Oil-Extraction-Machine.html#sthash.ul2tz9pe.dpuf


To improve the Oil Extraction Machine production capacity and yield, we need to select high quality Oil Extraction Machine and try our best to extend its service life. And one important method is to add lubricant in time. There are several advantages for Oil Extraction Machine lubrication:
First, Oil Extraction Machine lubrication can reduce abrasion.
Second, Oil Extraction Machine lubrication can reduce friction: under the liquid smoothing condition, the thickness of the lubricant and the lubricating oil viscosity can affect the resistance. Under the condition of large smoothing, it depends on the lubrication oil chemical property to affect the resistance.

Third, cooling effect lubricant can reduce clash, absorb heat, transfer heat and radiate heat.
Fourth, the lubricant on the surface can prevent the corrosion caused by the oxide.
Fifth, the lubricant can also absorb the striking energy, for example, the car damper always utilizes oil damping principle.


Sixth, Oil Extraction Machine lubrication can ensure the sealing effect and prevent moisture and medium invasion. 



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