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debbie writes,  January 01, 2010

I read that brown rice pasta is allowed, yet, most are saying only pasta allowed is whole duram wheat?

I found brown rice pasta in the organic section of Walmart. And also, why do others say that oatmeal is
ok, but only after 3o days??



Marilee writes,  January 03, 2010

I have steered completely away from the pasta foods.  Most have rice flour, wheat flour or something like that in them.  I do use all types of rice and quinoa now, but very moderately (1/2 cup is a serving).  Also, have found that if I need a pasta fix, marinara or spaghetti sauces that contain no added sugars can be served on sauteed or steamed chopped cabbage and that takes care of that craving for me.  My motto is that if I don't know for sure what an ingredient name means, I put it back on the shelf.   

Debbie writes,  January 03, 2010

Thankyou Marilee for the response, probably a good idea to steer clear
of the pasta for me also.

Sandee writes,  January 05, 2010

I've been enjoying whole duram wheat pasta without a problem....we all can have different reactions to things and some do have to stay away from grains all together....but that doesn't mean all....I have a friend who has a problem with pineapple....but I can eat it....I found that I go crazy with coffee and sugar free gum....like an addict....but other people are fine with it....we need to find what works best for us within the guidelines....and also enjoy what we can withing the guidelines.

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