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How to choose Edible Oil Refining Plant  
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Agri Mach writes,  November 08, 2016
How to choose Edible Oil Refining Plant? Seed cleaning is the first step in seed processing.
People hope seeds have higher cleaning degree. But what we can do is just to improve this cleaning degree. Seed impurities have different features.  They can be divided according to the size, weight, color and so on. Different impurities require different Edible Oil Refining Plant.
Then, how to choose Edible Oil Refining Plant?
First, for those impurities that have obvious difference with the good seeds in weight, we can choose air screen type cleaning machinery. This machine is also quite common today.
Second, for those impurities that have obvious difference with the good seeds in size, we can use nest eye type grain cleaner. 
Third, after air screen cleaning and nest eye cleaning, the purity is largely improved and the granularity is also even. But there still have various impurities, such as seeds damaged by worms, wizened seeds and so on. These impurities belong to density impurities, and have similar weight with the good seeds. We can adopt gravity cleaner to clean. Gravity cleaner will become more and more popular with seed industry development. Bt its operation is more difficult.
Besides, before seeds cleaning, we also need seed threshing, deawning, polishing and stone removing. If the seeds are processed by high quality seed cleaning, then other processes are also necessary, such as pesticide mixing, seed coating, granulating, measuring and packaging. 
Edible Oil Refining Plant has different function, types and forms. Some are used in the large processing plant and some are just used as the single machine.
As for the Edible Oil Refining Plant manufacturers, we can choose the enterprise which has stable and excellent products performance, high automation and specialization degree. One word, the most important factors for the buyer is the enterprise integrity, products quality, price and considerate after-sales service. 
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