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Oil extraction plant Vital Advantages  
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Agri Mach writes,  November 03, 2016


Complete Edible Oil extraction plant is applicable to extract oil from the adopt expanding and extracting technical. The whole edible oil extraction plant is composed of solvent extracting, wet meal roast & desolventing machine, long pipe evaporator, discal stripper, condenser and other equipment, and it’s matched with explosion proof motor, various kinds of connected pipes in plant, as well as the required accessories of instrument, apparatus, valve and so on.


Edible Oil extraction plant Advantages:
1.Full continuous and mechanized operation, and with electrical interlocking control system.
2. The equipment layout is in tower structure, and the material flow by relying on gravity to reduce power consumption.
3. Take into consideration the environmental requirements in modern industry. The workshop is also equipped with the dedusting system with high performance, so as to meet the requirements of production and environmental protection.
4. When producing germ meal, the roller softening pot can better meet the flaking technical requirements.
5.Select scraper conveyor as much as possible, which can effectively reduce raw material crushing, improve solvent permeation into the material layer, and increase the extraction efficiency.
Welcome to consult us for more information about our edible oil extraction plant or some other edible oil processing machines.

Oil extraction is also called "leaching", it is a process that use organic solvent to extract the oil from oil plant. Now mostpeanut oil extraction are utilizing extraction equipment for processing, today I would like share with you the basic principle ofpeanut oil extract.

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