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OIL REFINING MACHINE Blower Types and Working Prin  
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Agri Mach writes,  November 02, 2016

OIL REFINING MACHINE Blower Types and Working Principle


According to the blower pressure, we can divide the Oil Refining Machine blower into low voltage blower, medium voltage blower and high voltage blower. Pressure ranges are as follows:

Low : Fan total pressure H 1000Pa.

Medium pressure : 1000Pa <H 3000Pa

High pressure ( centrifugal fan ): 3000Pa <H 15000 Pa

Ventilation works mostly under low pressure and low-pressure turbines.


Transmission of OIL REFINING MACHINE blower is divided into A B C D E F.


A common type is the drive, motor direct; C -type drive, belt drive, D -type transmission, drive shaft coupling, such as T4-72-5A T on behalf of ventilation, 4 shows the pressure coefficient, 72 , said specific speed , five representatives of the impeller diameter, a represents Transmission.


Factors influencing the selection of the fan, wind, air pressure, ambient temperature, under normal circumstances we use the formula: N ( power KW) = Q ( air flow m3 / h) * P ( pressure Pa) 1.5/1000/3600/n ( efficiency in the use of wind turbines generally we value at 80 % -90 % ).


Fan rotation is divided into two spin angles depending on the actual needs.


Under normal circumstances in accordance with the national standard to see the direction of rotation of the motor, the air outlet on the left side of the right-handed, and so on; based on our actual experience can sometimes face into the wind turns the direction of the outlet on the left for the left-handed.


The flow is: the volume of gas through the impeller unit time.


Pressure: Poor gas through the turbine outlet pressure , and P1-P2, the inlet pressure of 1 atm.


The ability to overcome resistance to wind turbine can generate network, called the pressure.


High temperatures above 100 °. A type of gas transmission cannot be used, should be used in C -type or D type.


Now used in more flour industry fan model: 4-72-4 .5 A 7.5KW 4-72-5A 11KW 15KW 4-72-5.5A 18.5KW 22KW 9-19-4A 3KW and TY series of high pressure air.


TY series fan which is an alternative to the previously used 9-26-6.3A , such as fans, fans of the series is characterized by large air volume , high pressure characteristics, abandon the traditional high pressure air before the pressure not only drawback amount of wind.



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