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Oil Extraction Machine Modern and Traditional Tec  
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Agri Mach writes,  November 01, 2016

OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE Modern and Traditional Technology Comparison

Coconut oil from Oil Extraction Machine is the only in our daily food composed of chain fatty acids in oil and fat molecules in the Oil Extraction Machine chain is smaller than other foods of long-chain fat molecules, easy digestion and absorption by human body,diet of digestion of coconut oil without the use of human pancreatic digestive system, enzymes and hormones of the body of a small pressure system.So, for how in does not affect the coconut oil under the premise of nutrition and gain more coconut oil from Oil Extraction Machine is an important topic of the grease Oil Extraction Machine technology processing research.


Coconut oil from Oil Extraction Machine is up to 33%.For thousands of years of traditional coconut Oil Extraction Machine method is simple, as long as the coconut meat into crumbs, put the water boiled, oil will be separated float on the surface of the water, then the oil out.


Another Oil Extraction Machine way out from coconut clastic coconut milk (also called a coconut), and then from 24 to 36 hours to make it natural fermentation,So that oil and water separation, and remove oil, short time heating to remove moisture.This Oil Extraction Machine moderate temperature heating method has no damage on coconut oil.In addition, a variety of coconut Oil Extraction Machine methods, different methods of coconut oil the appearance, there are differences in quality, taste and smell each other. But in general the methods can be divided into two categories:One kind is by refining, bleaching and deodorization "purification" coconut oil (RBD), the refined processing of coconut oil;Another kind is room temperature without chemical treatment "cold pressed" virgin coconut oil, the fresh coconut break after squeezing filtering, the oil-water separation technology can not treated with high temperature and chemical reaction is thereby.



Well kept pure natural plant to use value, nutritional value, natural fat elements and quietly elegant scent of coconut. Purification of coconut oil made from Oil Extraction Machine, widely used in food industry.Generally believe that coconut oil is healthy, because of its fatty acids is not damaged. Because it is colorless, tasteless, many people also enjoyConsumption of the oil.Cold pressed coconut oil from Oil Extraction Machine is made from fresh coconut.This kind of oil liquid clear water, after curing is white.Because without the high temperature and chemical processing, this oil will retain the original component and the special scent of coconut and taste.


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