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High Efficient Bean Peeling Machine Common Failure  
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hnlyjx writes,  October 10, 2016

BEAN PEELING MACHINE, or pulses processing plant can process lentil, soybean, mung bean, broad bean, cowpea, black soya bean, kidney bean and other beans or pulses. Bean processing plant processes beans by bean cleaning, bean color sorting, bean peeling, bean kernels making, bean grits and bean flour milling.

Bean processing plant working procedures:
1.Bean cleaning section
: it adopts two screening sections, two destoning sections, one magnetic separation section, and removes the big, small and light impurities, pebbles and magnetic material from the beans to ensure the quality of the end products.

2. Bean color sorting section
: it adopts the color sorter to separate the moldy kernels, shriveled beans and foreign species of beans according to the color and luster feature of the beans. 

3. Bean peeling section
: it adopts peeling, brushing and shunting technology (it can utilize the segregation valve to choose peeling and brushing according to the material character.)
1)Peeling: it can peel the bean bran and separate and collect it by effective aspiration system;
2)Brushing: it can separate the micro bran and dust which adheres to the material surface.







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