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kingshine writes,  October 08, 2016

Into the stage of high-tech development, maize processing machine intelligence can make the production efficiency and further improve product quality, energy saving, low consumption, environmental protection and saving production resources will be into one 

Lifting equipment market competition ability. So, while intelligent total corn processing machinery now exist are few in number, but represents the future the new direction of enterprise development, in the transformation and development mode 

Adjustment of industrial structure to occupy more and more important role, more powerful drive the improvement of the whole industry. 

Within the food machinery industry development, corn processing equipment intellectualized production is particularly important. Intelligent manufacturing technology have formed a certain economic scale, but for some jade 

It is not enough rice industry development. Development of intelligent technology, innovation as the main driving force. 

Due to the upgrading of modern product cycles are getting shorter, corn processing machinery is more and more large scale and diversification, because only in this way can meet the requirements of the product's production efficiency. 

Corn processing machinery industry, in the process of manufacturing technology to realize the scale and diversification, in order to reduce the production cost, corn processing machinery companies consider establish a flexible production line, 

Realize flexible manufacturing without efficient servo control system to support it. Among them, the control and integrated product and technology plays a more and more important role. 


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