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How to Install and Adjust the Rice color sorter ma  
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Agri Mach writes,  September 22, 2016

How to Install and Adjust the RICE COLOR SORTER MACHINE Blower

We know that rice color sorter machine blower has great importance in rice color sorter machine working. How to install and adjust the rice color sorter machine blower correctly?

1 Before installing the fan, we should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the components , the direction of rotation of the impeller and the casing. Ministries connection is solid, whether the impeller rotation grazing , adjusted if problems should be given immediately .

2 Note that when you install, checks shall be left to the tools and debris out of the wind pipe connection should be a natural fit within the chassis , not forced to join, and definitely not the weight of the pipe plus the fan, and pay attention to the level of the fan spindle .


3 For coupling or belt drive fans of the RICE COLOR SORTER MACHINE, check coupling or pulley , the belt is installed and reliable. Two pulleys are in a position of the center line , concentricity fan shaft and motor shaft meets the technical requirements ( radial displacement of 0.1mm, tilt 0.8/1000 ) .


4 Fan installation, commissioning can be carried out , when the fans start to be coming into the wind in the no-load adjust the door closed slightly open under the regulation of the wind situation ( especially high-temperature boiler induced draft fan or fan ) , during startup should be closely monitoring the current does not exceed the current rating, as well, gradually open the gates to the operating point so far.


5 When the fan starts up to speed , check the bearing temperature of rice color sorter machine and make sure that it is normal ( generally should not be higher than 80 ) . The temperature must be checked when the emergency stop fans have found severe vibration, and bearing temperature rises rapidly and abnormal sounds and other anomalies .



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