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king shine writes,  September 05, 2016

Rice processing technology of grinding, polishing technology to satisfy the consumers for the pursuit of rice taste, has lost such as germ extract nutrients.But without the fine polishing of brown rice
Occasionally to eat a line still, mainstream consumer crowd long-term consumption is also difficult to accept.Is there can both taste and nutrition of rice processing way?Hun sen's answer is: as long as in cooking
When, add a few drops of hun sen, rice bran oil, germ nutrient reduction.
Rice in the polishing process will produce rice bran, after years of exploration and technical improvement, henan KingShine machinery and equipment production of rice processing complete sets of equipment with new gas at low temperature
Extraction process, will be made from rice bran rice bran oil, with low cost and full nutrition, high flash point, lampblack advantage such as less, but also a listed matches the camellia oil, olive oil of high-grade small oil column.


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