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king shine writes,  September 05, 2016

In recent years, our country is made from corn processing machinery research and development of new products of corn flour is a kind of deeply to welcome food, all because of corn flour contains very rich camp
A value and influence on our health and coarse grains become so favored by consumers love.
At the time of production of corn flour in the whole corn processing technology of corn flour machine is more frequent equipment operation, we should of corn processing machinery processing of corn flour
Tested on the moisture content of the moisture of corn flour to calculate qualified reasonable quality.The operation more is feeding mechanism and rolling away from the work of regulating mechanism in the corn processing and milling
Whether the running state of the art in the process of ideal have great relationship with corn flour machinery operation level, and corn flour machine equipment must be in roll back state after start generally start should be no exception
Vibration and noise to follow-up the milling process, at the time of processing corn flour and fine degree is also very important to work out the flour the exquisite quality would be the best.


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