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Squeeze into a physical method of corn processing  
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king shine writes,  September 05, 2016

Now people demand for food is not only to eat, but the "delicious".The emergence of the corn processing equipment to make people enjoy coarse grains of nutrition at the same time pay more attention to health.On the other side
Surface physical crushing processing vegetable oil corn processing equipment of coarse grains, edible oil is our necessities of life, while eating, we pay more attention to our health.After cooking
Events such as oil, water oil, now people in selection of cooking oil is very pay attention to the health and safety issues.
[url=www.kingshinemachinery.com/]maize milling machine[/url] for squeezing the corn oil is keeping in good health now recommend a kind of fat, it is a byproduct of corn processing equipment for corn production after, although it is a by-product
, but the quality of the corn oil or received the general consumer's affection.Corn oil security, nutrition, mainly due to its USES the way of extracting - physical squeezing, the jade
Rice processing equipment work, mainly physical principle, no additive operation.Therefore, the corn processing equipment pressure oil process well ruled out chemical additives
Use, can reduce the loss of neutral oil and sewage, too much from the MAO corn oil product, meet quality standards, and has a clear corn fragrance, clear and not muddy
Turbidity, color yellow, taste good.
In the corn processing equipment processing technology, on the basis of corn oil brand of macrobian flower, the squeezing the golden embryo of raw material by the strict quality testing, each grain
Full flavour and nutritional value is extremely high, coupled with the use of advanced crushing technology, in the process of raw material processing, maximize the ensures the nutrient loss of raw material, from safety
The double security and nutrition.

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