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Newly Designed Corn Shelling Machine Function  
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Agri Mach writes,  August 02, 2016

Newly Designed CORN SHELLING MACHINE Function:

Newly Designed Corn Shelling Machine:

The husking function and the threshing function can be separated or combined. The machine also has air draft function. It has two independent air blowers and two feeding hoppers.
The spring replaces the original sleeve and prolong the service life of the machine.
Its husking rate can reach 100%.

Technical parameter of the corn shelling machine:

Corn Shelling Machine

Corn shelling machine Weight:85kg
Net length of the rubber:80cm
Threshing hammer quantity: 36 hammers
Threshing rate: 99% above
Corn shelling machine can use both motor and diesel engine as the power.


Corn shelling machine After-Sales Service:

1. Corn shelling machine Technical Consultation:

If you have problems when using our machine, please read the instructions first.
If you can’t solve the problem, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Our engineer will provide customized technical support for you.

2. Corn shelling machine Maintenance:

We would supply you with the maintenance guide in the instruction.
Please keep in mind that you should also do the related necessary work before and after each time of operation. Considerate maintenance brings you the longer service life of your machine.

3. Corn shelling machine One-Year Quality Guarantee:

The machine has one-year quality guarantee. During the guarantee period, if the main body is defective as the bad quality without any workers’ wrong operation, we should replace the parts for free.



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