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Corn processing machinery is good or bad judgment?  
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Kingshine writes,  July 06, 2016

Nowadays, people to pay attention to the food eaten up, and the rise of the food machinery industry.Therefore, springing up around a lot of food processing equipment manufacturer, which produce the most is the jade
Rice processing machinery, so, how to choose from several manufacturers, good quality equipment, how to judge the stand or fall of equipment quality is the knowledge we have to know before buying, maize processing machine
Machinery, for example, henan KingShine mechanical equipment with you today to judging from the following three points.
(1) the quality of the corn processing machinery is first determined by the material, it will determine the strength of the raw materials, the strength are determined by the processing technology, this is the material itself
Performance, only with the factors of material processing.
(2) the other is a factor in determining the quality of corn processing machinery processing technology, such as welding process, the design principle, process, etc., all of these with flour machine is directly related to the quality
, such as the welding quality is bad, will cause open welding, in this case, the corn processing equipment cannot run normally.
(3) corn processing machinery is another determinant of quality to the quality of the core parts, such as the choice of motor, etc.The quality of the motor, to determine whether the machine can Enough to run normally, and how the running state of the problem.


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