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Corn processing equipment problems  
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Kingshine writes,  July 06, 2016

General customers after installation to buy corn processing equipment, due to improper operation will cause a series of problems, which will affect the normal operation of the unit, so frequently
A few link in trouble or problem, we are here to give you the way, completes the prevention work, to increase work efficiency of corn processing equipment.
1, spiral mixer
1) mixer shaft turn, feeding too much reason, belt skid, etc.
(2) food outlet is not food, why have a motor to wrong, discharging mouth jam, mixer blade cracking and so on.
2, motor fault, the entire unit has a size of more than 10 motor, thus, the motor problem that nots allow to ignore, temperature is one of the main reason for motor damage.Lead to temperature
Through the cause of the high bearing without oil, bearing into the dirt, bearing damage or motor overload, etc.
3, closed the wind, because bad wind, closed surface bags can be sucked.Common causes of air leakage from the cohesion, impeller wear, etc., and if the impeller worn, can be on edge
A piece of rubber sheet.
4, electricity equipment device should be consistent with the rated power of independent power switch, and have good grounding line, a single corn processing equipment machine should be equipped according to the requirements of specification regulated
The power supply.

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