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Process of corn milling equipment screen?  
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Kingshine writes,  July 06, 2016

In today's society, people believe in the coarse grain food, eat corn milling equipment became coarse grains fine essential artifact.Milling is a main way of grain processing, including grinding, screening, whey powder, etc.Products with corn flour, small sorghum flour, rice flour, barley powder, oat powder, buckwheat powder, etc.So the corn flour and wheat flour are similar, is the use of grinding, screening, etc
Prepare, will clean up the process of the corn ground into a powder.
According to the types of corn and wheat flour quality requirements, usually adopts disposable shatter or layered milling method step by step.Gradually layered milling is the key to how the endosperm and cortex completely separate as much as possible.Corn flour, therefore, to solve the first problem, is how to ensure high flour yield and flour in low content of cortex, which is the complex of milling process.Grains, including cleaning, grinding, milling process screen etc.Today we focus on the screen during processing of corn flour processing equipment.
Corn milling equipment of sieve is aimed at the ground mixed material according to the size of the particles and the quality of classification, and sieve the flour.The equipment that the commonly used screening principle has a flat screen, round sieve, etc.Pulverizing process, after each grinding mill, crushing material as a mixture of different particle size and shape, some of these tiny endosperm has reached flour particle size requirements, needs
To them, otherwise will increase the follow-up equipment load, reduce production and increase energy consumption, lower grinding effect;Materials and grain size is larger also need classification according to their size,
According to the size of the particle size, quality, condition and pulverizing process schedule into the next working procedure for continuous processing, usually adopt the method of screening principle for grading and screening tasks.



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