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Rice grading after treatment with species  
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Kingshine writes,  July 06, 2016

Rice classification is of vital importance in the rice processing technology, rice particle size range is big, must first be graded according to size, make the buckwheat grain size uniformity, yi zhang on peeling
Grip and control the process parameters, to improve the hulling rate.Cut pieces, improve the quality of seed yield and process, make better effect on shell.
In rice grading process design, if production is bigger, can choose high side of the screen as the classification and flour devices, its advantage is the guarantee of material flow into the screen body balanced
Conditions, can one-time gives up to four or more size categories, greatly simplifying the grading process of rice;Production is lesser, can choose plane rotary screen, efficient vibrating screen, and white
Rice grading sieve as rice grading equipment, such as rice produced by such equipment one-time hierarchical classification type is less, only two or three.To ensure the classification number of small production of rice, but
To use two or three times, classification and grade of the complicated process but the sizing effect is good, the classification of rice grain size after class can also achieve 3 kinds of above.
Rice separated by classifying equipment must be according to the different level of granularity points exist different storage warehouse.The larger processing production, the different particle size of rice into different shells
Shell processing system, and at the same time;Processing production is small, then use the same set of hulling equipment, through adjusting process parameters, at different times for different size of rice separately Processing.

Combined Rice Milling Machine

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