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Introduction to corn processing product marketing  
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Kingshine writes,  July 06, 2016

A crop of corn is our common life, with refined grains coarse food trend wind coming, people pay more attention to the development of corn processing industry, henan KingShine machinery equipment co., LTD
Company after many years of professional study, corn processing equipment to produce finished products from the following points to open the market sales, thereby to increase its value.
1. Optimize the product mix, improve enterprise economic benefits
Corn processing industry is the feature of the processing space is large, long industrial chain, the product is extremely rich, including starch, starch sugar, modified starch, alcohol, enzymes, spices, medicinal,
Work such as the eight series, but they are mainly starch and alcohol, and other products are both further processed products or byproducts, these deep processed products or byproducts not only its value
When high, its added value is quite high, also can bring high profits for the enterprise.
2. Promote the path health products
This feature highlights on the staple food of corn processing industry.KingShine corn processing machinery equipment brand can play green processing, the green way, I win by green, this can push
The development of dynamic corn staple food processing industry.Obtain relevant quality system certification, will be for these enterprises to gather market sentiment, expand the market space to lay the good foundation.
3. More innovation for new product research and development ability


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