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Improve CORN PROCESSING EQUIPMENT Quality and Foll  
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Jane Fan writes,  June 20, 2016

Improve CORN PROCESSING EQUIPMENT Quality and Follow International Trend


Heritage of 5,000 years of Chinese civilization, we should still develop on the basis of prosperous agriculture. Corn processing equipment should be the essential equipment of the country's modernization process in agriculture.


We have been insisting on all mechanical corn deep processing machinery research and development, and is one of the manufacturers of domestic corn processing equipment manufacturing industry to keep pace with European brands, but also be able to train services in the construction industry, the few lines of CORN PROCESSING EQUIPMENT enterprises. Product quality is one of the most important aspects of each manufacturer, Wan all machinery is no exception , over the years adhere to the " Seiko casting quality, service and development ," the core concept. Wan all machinery with strict quality control system, the raw materials into the plant, process inspection , finished product process, forming a perfect quality control system to ensure the quality of priority .


All of our products range from corn machine to corn oil machine, such as corn peeling, polishing, mention embryo, embryo election, grading processing equipments. In addition , ten thousand all the mechanical characteristics of most products with integrated automation technology , in line with the development of China's agricultural characteristics . From the hand of China's agricultural mechanization evolved into a high-end smart mechanization gradually complete metamorphosis . Wan followed all mechanical corn processing machinery manufacturing industry trends , and constantly improve their product quality.


All of our leading stand-alone device mechanical peeling corn grits milling machine, peeling machine , milling machine, grits machine, sifting equipment have excellent performance and have been in the international advanced level. In addition, ten thousand all mechanical self-developed , corn grits milling unit, low power consumption, stable quality, not just low noise, less dust , the mix rate, go to the Black Stars , no ash, both provincial time and effort, is the point of export and small corn processing product of choice. Mechanical regardless praise from both domestic and foreign function, appearance, price, reached the international advanced level.



After years of hard work in the corn processing machinery manufacturing industry , we have won 18 national patents , and is a strong R & D enterprise. Our ten thousand machineries will continue to foster high-quality personnels, breakthrough and master the core technology, and produce more agricultural products with international advanced level, and enhance the capacity for sustainable development of the industry.


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