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Seed cleaning machine Makes the Granary Become Big  
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Win Tone writes,  March 29, 2016

Seed cleaning machine Makes the Granary Become Big Kitchen


In many provinces, there are big granary, such as Hubei, Heilongjiang, Henan and so on. In the past, the big granary function of these areas seeded not clear. But now, with the developing of seed cleaning machine, people can get more and more species of seed  food, then the granary becomes big kitchen.


At present , China's seed cleaning machine product standards are not uniform , and some no longer meet the needs of the situation , some of the technical standards lagged behind international standards. The first step in "going out" , that is, domestic and foreign markets have a unified standard , according to common international standards of production , testing, evaluation. Uniform standards is a prerequisite for the implementation of brand strategy is the "quality" of the key. Over the years , many companies despite the country 's grain and oil processing machinery manufacturing industry are aware of , and efforts to move closer to international standards, and some have been produced in accordance with international standards, but the overall level of progress and there is still not a small gap.



Our domestic market is the foundation upon which SEED CLEANING MACHINE manufacturing enterprises develop. 1.3 billion Chinese consumers is an important force affecting world economy. Domestic food machine manufacturer must rely on the huge domestic market resources, Mo Li Bing Ma , efforts to scale production , intensive management development, and constantly improve the R & D capabilities and production, test level, improving product technology content , the creation of its own brand, in won domestic and international markets to compete with foreign counterparts on the same stage of the initiative. This is the implementation of the " going out" strategy premise , and also in the international market, the foundation of the competition to win.


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