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China Seed cleaning machine Development Meets New  
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Win Tone writes,  March 29, 2016

China Seed cleaning machine Development Meets New Opportunity


Under the planned economy policy, the development of China's seed cleaning machine manufacturing industry was in accordance with the national plan to guide matching.


Research subordinate research institutes are also entirely different in conflicts, mutual communication and exchange. It also led to the majority of grain and oil processing machinery companies later a single product, an important reason for supporting the poor. Of grain and oil processing machinery industry after more than forty years, especially in the last ten years of continuous development, already has a good foundation, many companies and products in the international and domestic markets have enjoyed a good reputation , and some have become well-known brand.


In the accelerated economic globalization, and the new situation, China's seed cleaning machine industry in the international and domestic markets is facing new opportunities and new challenges, accelerate the implementation of "going out" strategy has become a very important strategic task of grain and oil processing machinery manufacturing industry.


Industry-wide operation status and domestic supply and demand situation, so many companies feel that the domestic market is relatively narrow range , space development has been constrained to a certain extent. In particular, some small and medium processing machinery and equipment , market demand growth suffered a "bottleneck" constraints.



In the international market, China's SEED CLEANING MACHINE, has a broad space for development. Grain and oil machinery manufacturing companies are now manufacturing capacity and scale , and have been able to meet the different needs of the domestic market , and some products have been oversupply. Industry market maturity increases high number of leading enterprises in terms of mechanical product design, manufacturing processes and technical services already have a considerable competitive advantage, close to the international advanced level, such as flour milling and processing of light roller milling technology wheat milling technology peeling ; rice paddy in the low-temperature drying process , the selection of quenching technique ; grease extraction and processing of puffing , vacuum evaporation , and two steam utilization, low desolventizing technologies.


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