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The Constituent Materials Of this Square Plansifte  
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Vita-Mix Super 5200
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starchmachine writes,  March 24, 2016

Square plansifter is employed in grain milling ahead of bagging for the sifting and re-bolting (final sifting) of break stocks, flours, bran and intermediate mill stocks as well as for the grading of floury materials, semolina.



SQUARE PLANSIFTER with a high sieving capacity enable to adjust below and above sifting paths and to obtain high capacity by using different frame heights and intermediate frames.   


As mentioned above, the sieve frame is manufactured from high-quality aluminum alloy, and the screen mesh sticks to the aluminum alloy inner frame by glue.  The sieve cleaner and arms guarantee that both the mesh and the sieve tray are effectively cleaned, and the cleaner allows direct access without the help of any tools. Furthermore, the mesh just requires the minimum maintenance.







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