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Keep corn grinding mill clean to improve processin  
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Win Tone writes,  March 24, 2016

How to reduce corn grinding mill power consumption

Corn grinding mill may consume too much power in working. Too much power consumption not only increases our production cost, but also makes the corn grinding mill wear and tear more serious. So if there has too much power consumption in corn grinding mill working, we need to check it and try to reduce the power consumption.

First, we can maintain the corn grinding mill frequently and try to avoid spare parts abrasion. 
Second, reduce impurities mixing in the corn grinding mill, because impurities may easily cause the machine damage and increase power consumption. 
Third, choose high quality corn grinding mill.

Keep corn grinding mill clean to improve processing efficiency

Corn grinding mill quality matters a lot for the end products. If corn grinding mill can keep clean, then it will improve the corn products quality.

First, keep corn grinding mill clean can avoid impurities influence on the end products. 
Second, clean corn grinding mill has low abrasion rate and longer service life.

Third, corn grinding mill can reduce the malfunction ratio and make the machine have higher processing efficiency.

From the above, corn grinding mill sanitation condition is quite important.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Corn grinding mill
Corn grinding mill is developing rapidly towards the direction of automation and high efficiency. But this should not be the reason that we can ignore its disadvantages in development. Now, let’s analyze advantages and disadvantages of corn grinding mill.


Corn grinding mill high efficiency depends on the electromechanical integration technology, and continuous system processing equipment, which helps to realize continuous production, automatic adjustment, professionalization and scale operation.


Currently, many corn grinding mill enterprises specialize in developing the equipment with high automation and large scale production to improve the market competition.


Although the scientific technology and talents input is increasing, there still exist some disadvantages in corn grinding mill industry which need correct solutions. The first problem: low production efficiency, high energy consumption, low stability and reliability, rough appearance, short service life of the basic parts and accessories.

The second problem: the application for controlling technology is not enough, such as remote control technology, stepping motor technology, information processing technology and so on.

The above is about the advantages and disadvantages of corn grinding mill. It is helpful for us to become familiar with corn grinding mill industry and the future application. 


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