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Destoner machine service can bring more supply  
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Win Tone writes,  February 02, 2016

In corn processing euipment adjustment, we should pay attentino to the following aspects:
Before destoner machine adjustment, we can prepare all of the corn processing assistive devices and vessels. 
Check the tightness degree of the conveying belt. 
Before working, we can let the destoner machine have an idle running for 15 minutes so as to detect the actual quality of the destoner machine.

Destoner machine adjustment can improve the economic benefits of the corn processing industry. With the above adequate preparation work, destoner machine will develop much more rapidly. Destoner machine develops towards high-performance. 

High-end market is still the vacancy of China DESTONER MACHINE industry. The market trends of the destoner machine keeps very close relations with the market demands. The market demands lead the destoner machine industry development. Though we have made great achievements in recent years, we still stay in the stage of low-end market development. And high-end market of corn preprocess machinery is still the vacancy in our country.

At present, the low-end market faces fierce competition and many destoner machine manufacturers have to reduce production and the staff. Many and diverse brands, deficient technology and low productivity all restricts the destoner machine development and our progress footsteps toward the international market.

The expert says that, destoner machine manufacturers should introduce the advanced technology, develop new products and adopt automatic and mechatronics controlling equipment and lines to improve yield and save labor cost. For the moment, what we need to do is to improve corn processing equipment performance, strengthen the technology innovation and provide considerate service. 

First-rate service can bring continuous supply for the brand and then the regular customers will help to advertise. Some mature brands always invite regular customers to take part in parties when they find there has business opportunities for after-sales service. When the brands competition gradually becomes stable, the enterprises should put focus on each customer, such as his or her actual consideration and need. They should try their best to make the service more considerate and humanized.

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