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Seed cleaning machine competition and policy  
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Win Tone writes,  January 13, 2016

We know that in such a planned economy times, seed cleaning machine should take part in all competitions including import and export, but without correct national policy as the guide, the seed cleaning machine may also face potential risk, even large damage to the country. Therefore, related policies are necessary to seed cleaning machine industry. 

For seed cleaning machine industry, the nation published different policies, such as import and export policy, industry policy, purchasing and storage policy. These policies impact seed cleaning machine manufacturing and even indirectly affect corn needs. For the domestic seed cleaning machine manufacturers, the policies impact degree is different. Now, we rank the policies order according to the impact degree from high to low: industry policy, import and export policy, storage and purchasing policy. 


The industry policy determines the future seed cleaning machine industry development direction. While import and export policy and purchasing and storage policy can affect industry in the process of raw material and products supply and demand. During these years’ development, SEED CLEANING MACHINE capacity reaches about 70 million tons in the late of 2008. No matter in starch or in alcohol industry, the profits are increasing larger and larger. The profits are the motive for the capacity. 


Analyzing from the impact on seed cleaning machine by import and export policy, the administrative means have no much impact on import and export. Import and export policy just adjusts the tarrifs and the export rebates. This is the adjustment method from profits. For example, corn is one of the goods that our country limits to be exported. The country carries out corn export quotas license management and state trading management, which means corn export should be authorized by the state export quotas license management. And the corn import has the same policy. The nation has the decision power. While, for the seed cleaning machine, the decision power is mastered by the profits. And the export rebates cancel or the tarrifs increase and decrease has more impact from the export records. 


These are the related policies that can affect seed cleaning machine industry. The policies are just like the adjustment lever which can norm the seed cleaning machine development towards a healthy and safe direction. 


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